Info from Eu regarding Swiss Mutual Recognition Agreement

The European Union and Switzerland have been closely tied together through various agreements, including the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). This agreement is constantly being updated and amended to ensure that both parties enjoy a harmonious trading relationship, and the latest update concerns the exchange of information.

The MRA allows for the recognition of conformity assessment results between the EU and Switzerland, facilitating the free movement of goods. As part of this agreement, the EU and Switzerland have agreed to share information regarding the assessment of products to ensure that their standards remain in line with each other. In practice, this means that the EU and Switzerland will share their conformity assessment reports and other relevant information on products to ensure that they meet the necessary safety and quality requirements.

This exchange of information will undoubtedly benefit businesses that operate in both the EU and Switzerland. By sharing their product assessment reports, companies will be able to streamline the process of getting their products certified for use in both markets. This, in turn, will reduce costs and time spent on certification and boost trade between the EU and Switzerland.

Furthermore, the exchange of information will benefit consumers by ensuring that products sold in both markets meet the same safety and quality standards. Consumers will have peace of mind knowing that the products they purchase have been assessed and certified to the same level, no matter where they are purchased from.

In conclusion, the latest update to the MRA between the EU and Switzerland concerning the exchange of information is a positive development for businesses and consumers alike. The sharing of conformity assessment reports and other relevant information will enable companies to streamline the certification process, reduce costs and time, and boost trade between the two markets. Ultimately, this will lead to greater consumer confidence in the quality and safety of products sold in both the EU and Switzerland.

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